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ostly those born in the 1990▓s and 2000s, a group dubbed as millennials. As o▓f 2016, nearly 10 percent of mobile gaming players are teenagers born in the 2000s.As the digital-savvy young generation attains growing purchasing power, their own culture, such as the anime, comics, gaming and onli

ne literature, is gaining momentum.Chen Rui, chairman of Chinese popular video sharing platform Bi▓libili, said there is a clear difference between the younger generation and their parents in ▓terms of the demand for culture and content."Increased material wealth,

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high▓-quality education environment and access ▓to internet services are shaping tod▓ay's young generation's diversified and personalized cultural needs," Chen said.According to Gamma Data, Chi▓na had 220 million ACG fans by the end of 2016 and their passion was expected to create▓ an ACG mobile

gaming market worth 15.98 billion yuan by 2017-end, up 45 percent year▓-on-year.Dong Minna, an analyst at Beijing-based ▓internet consultancy Analysys, said currently the ACG segme▓nt's development is in its infancy, and the market will kick into a higher gear aft

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e▓r a few years."Those young groups have a high degree of loyalty to things they really love, like the ACG culture. Once they select specific ACG c

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ontent and a service platform, they will be willing to pay for what they like, such as playing related video games."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n WechatBy 2021, China to replace UK as No 2 on global win▓e market listBy 2021, China to replace UK as▓ No 2 on global wine market listB

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y 2021, China to replace U▓K as No 2 on global wine market list03-26-2018 08:54 BJTEvolving tastes of young consumers likely to expand sa

les to $23 billion in ▓three yearsChina expects to become the second-largest market for wine by 2021, replacing the United Kingdom, as young consumers' preferen▓ces are evolving, experts said.China's wine market size is expected to reach $23 bill▓ion in sal

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